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This website shows the work of underwater photographer Raymond Wennekes.


As you can see in the Gallery, most of his dives are made in the 'murky' waters of the Dutch Delta (Oosterschelde and Grevelingen).


But sometimes he finds his way to the warmer waters around the world.


His passion for underwater photography is best reflected by capturing the normal marine life in a different way.


A way you probably haven't seen before.



Raymond Wennekes


He started scuba diving when he was on holiday in the Dominican Republic in 2000.


But it was only when he got back in the Netherlands when he started his courses. He went through the hierarchy of levels until he became a Master Scuba Diver in 2014.

After all these years it kinda loses his intersest in 'normal' scuba diving and wanted something more.


In 2012 Raymond started working at Onderwaterhuis.NL. This is a Dutch company which is specialized in underwater photography and -video equipment. Being part of the great enthousiastic team he became more interested in underwater photography.


Now, a few years later he will take every opportunity and every moment to be in the water with his camera.


He is passionate about photographing anything underwater, from the largest Whale Sharks and beautiful wrecks to the smallest critters.


Despite Raymond dives in various places in the world, most of his dives are made in the Dutch Delta (Oosterschelde and Grevelingen). As you can see in the Gallery the murky waters of the Netherlands may be less troubled than you might think and there is a hidden beauty below the surface.

Raymond became two times Dutch Champion in the National competition of Underwater Photography in 2016 and 2017. This gives him a ticket to participate in the World Championship in La Paz, Mexico in November 2017.

The photos he made during the Dutch competition are shown in 'Competitions'.

In 2018 Raymond became a proud Brand Ambassador / Influencer for Sea&Sea.

Since then he only takes his Sea&Sea YS-D2 strobes with him underwater.

What people say

"Je hebt een strakke stijl van fotograferen, heel aangenaam om naar te kijken!"


—  Rob A.



Perhaps you have seen a picture that you like and would love to have it on the wall in your living room or in the entrance of your company building.


It's also possible to purchase photos for use on your website, a presentation or cover of a magazine.


The images on this website are available for purchase in a wide variety of mediums.

If there is a specific picture you want but you could not find it on this website, please let me know.

GET IN TOUCH - KvK-nummer: 65364651 - IBAN: NL25 RABO 0300 9008 80 - BIC / SWIFT code: RABONL2U


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