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1-ON-1 Underwater Photography Course

Almost everywhere it possible to get underwater photography training or courses in many different possibilities. Some are just theoretical and others are complete holidays with a large group in tropical blue waters.


Raymond has noted that there are a lot of underwater photographers who are struggling with shooting in the dark and murky water of the Netherlands. It is therefore also that Raymond made it possible to get 1-on-1 guidance into shooting in these murky waters.


At the beginning of the course the goals of the trainee will be determined...What do you want to learn? Then a plan will be made and some theoretical information will be given before the first dive. This will always be a shallow dive as much as possible to get as good communication. Raymond will always be around and takes good care of his trainee. Some minor tips and tricks will be given underwater if possible.


After the first dive the photos and other tips and tricks will be discussed along the earlier established goals.

The second dive can be at the same divesite or another. This is always open for discussion. After the second dive the photos will also be discussed and we will look if the goals are achieved.

All dives are around 1 hour, starting when underwater.

If you have a buddy that is also an underwater photographer, it's possible to come together on a 2-on-1 course. But to be as efficient as possible and to be able to give full attention to the trainees, it is two people maximum.

Note! The trainee must be in possession of a full diving gear and underwater camera/equipment. It is not possible to rent or borrow this at Raymond.

If you're one of those underwater photographers that is struggling in these murky waters...Please contact me if you're interested!

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